Monday, September 21, 2015

Priscilla ~ A Roadside Rescue

I'm reposting my $3 Rescue ~ Simply because I love her so and I think she deserves it.

As I drove by a roadside yard sale, she caught my eye.  Could it be?  A hopeful chair, needing to be rescued...Great form, interesting details.  But wait, her old rusty springs were literally hanging out from the bottom. Both arms taped with old white tape.

Is she salvageable?  I knew my upholstery sweetie, Robin, would know.

A few minutes later, Robin, was on the scene to help assess her condition.  We peeled off some nasty old tape to find to our surprise both arms strong and sturdy.  Yes, this old darling only needed retied springs and fresh fabric and paint.

With a price tag of only $3, I was diving for my cash before anyone else became enchanted with her. We whisked her away to prepare her for her new life, the life fit for a lady such as she.

Even though she had always been fitted with beautiful tapestry, the fabric was tattered and very worn, so, I elected to redress her in the latest fashion...

Taking off the old tapestry, we discovered that she was filled with old moss and horse hair.
How old was this sweetie, anyway!

                I also discovered a tiny little label inside one of the arms that read "Made in Italy".

  I purchased a painters drop cloth from the local hardware store.     
Thrilled to find one with a grey tint, being the patina freak that I am, I was thrilled with this color!

I had already purchased Annie Sloan's "Old White" for a previous project.  
So the paint color for her legs and trim was a given.

Notice her dainty wrist-like shaped arms
 with intricate little carvings.

Now, I just knew she wanted to wear ruffles, so I dug out an old white bed skirt no longer needed...

To add a softer feel to this chair, I stuffed the tie-on slipcover
with down, created a gathered ruffle and left long ties for the wood arms.

A buttoned opening is hid at the back of this down
 (slipcover) cushion for easy laundering purposes.

After some tender loving care, it was obvious this lovely lady needed a name...

  So, here's Priscilla, my sweet little French chair,
posing for her first formal portrait in many, many years.


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  2. This is gorgeous! Wow, what a great find!!! Wish I could reupholster furniture. Yes Pricilla fits her.:)

  3. It's beautiful!!! My husband and I found a similar chair, it has Angel fabric and exposed springs on the seat, soon to be stunning white fabric and we're going to leave the wood dark this time, however we always paint white and distress like you. Speaking of...yours turned out amazing! Love the final pic in your living room with that gorgeous floor! Well done!

  4. That is so beautiful--You did a fantastic job!

  5. That is SO beautiful. I can't believe you found a gray drop cloth. Sweet heavens. I hope I can find a couple when I tackle my sofa. Would save me a bundle! Featuring this tonight.

  6. What a beauty she is. I didn't know drop cloths came in grey. I will keep an eye out for them.

    Beautiful Junk Saturday Link Party starts this evening at Junkin Junky, I hope you will stop in and share this wonderful chair with my readers.

  7. Just love the grey drop cloths!!! The chair turned out amazing!! Could you please tell us, what hardware store, you bought them at?

  8. I found the drop cloth at a local "Do It Best" hardware store. Thanks for all the sweet comments! I'll be sure to share them with Priscilla. ;)