Friday, January 31, 2014

Better Safe Than Sorry Candle Burning Tips

I absolutely love burning beautiful sweet smelling candles in my home.
 It immediately changes the mood of a room.  It's also the fastest way I know of to refresh your home after creating a garlic and onion loaded dinner!

Anytime you light a beautiful French Country candle, it's not all fun and games, so I would like to share my Top Ten Safety Tips for Burning Candles my home.

 1.  Store a fire extinguisher somewhere handy on each floor of your home.  I keep mine centrally located in a hall closet.

 2.  Make sure you know how to effectively operate the fire extinguisher.  During an emergency is NOT the time for learning.

 3.  Never leave a lit candle unattended.  I keep the candles that I burn in a central location in each room.  Therefore, it isn't so easy to forget that it is burning, when I suddenly remember I have to run to the store for milk or something...

 4.  Set a time limit for how long you plan on burning your candle.  This is an added precautionary measure of not forgetting your candle when you go to bed.

 5.  Trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting each time.  This keeps the height of the flame to a minimum.

6.  Burn only in heat resistant trays or holders, not on bare surface of tabletops.

 7.  Don't leave old matches or any flammable decorative elements in the candle.

 8.  Definitely keep away from young children, pets and drafts when burning.  Besides being a safety  measure, burning a candle under a ceiling fan for instance, causes the candle to burn wonky and the candle will become uneven.

 9.  Keep away from combustible materials.

10. Lastly, I just try to use common sense when burning candles, especially when using stand alone French Country Candles.

If you have a safety tip for candle safety, please leave a comment...

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