Thursday, March 27, 2014

Found Object: French Netted Curtains

While browsing through a local antiques show, I stopped by a booth that was decorated with gauzy netted antique curtains...Oh, swoon. 

They weren't for sale, but she took my number in case she changed  her mind...I really loved them.

 Intricate details of the inserts created a dreamy romantic layered effect. 
 Someone had spent many hours patiently working to embellish these beauties...I can just see them flowing in an open window of some quaint little cottage in the hills.

When I returned home, I was looking through some old lace snippets and such, and guess what I found...Over a yard of this amazing see-through netted lace edging complete with embroidery work!  I didn't even realize I had this lovely netted edging in my stash...

I can just add this to some creamy vintage fabric to get the look I want for my very own 
antique French netted curtains!

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