Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crazy Chippy Wardrobe

I found this wardrobe hidden back in the corner of an used furniture shop.
 I loved the old handles and the thrifty price!

 So, I decided to used this piece as a guinea pig for a milk paint project.  I choose Miss Mustard Seed's "Grain Sack".

 After the first coat of milk paint, it started cracking and flaking off a little more than I had anticipated.  At first, I wasn't very thrilled and wished that I had used chalk paint.  But, I continued with a second coat (more flaking going on) and finally applied an antique wax to complete the look.

The paint finish wasn't so bad, after all,
giving this wardrobe a very unique crazy chippy character.
Milk paint really gave this old simple piece new life with lots of character...


  1. Thanks, I loved them too. They were original to the piece and looked great so I kept them. :)