Friday, July 4, 2014

Chaise~ing Daydreams

Long before my daughter, Heather, found out she was expecting her first baby, she was in the habit of seeking out and collecting wonderful children's books to be shared with her little one some sweet day.      
When we found out that that some sweet day wasn't so far away,  I decided that I wanted to create a special place for my daughter and future grandbaby to cuddle up and enjoy precious moments reading together.  
I had already found this old chaise lounge to redo, but I had no specific plans...until it hit me.  This chaise will be my present to my daughter.  A labor of love that would hopefully just fit in her nursery and envelop them with dreamy luxury and a special sense that they are both deeply loved. 
I wanted this piece to be soft and light pink, feminine all the way!  But what about those sticky little fingers and sippy cups...Yikes!  This had to be designed for fast easy wash-a-bility!  So, slipcovers to the rescue...This old chaise lounge was going to be fitted with two looks.  First, the chaise was to be reupholstered and then covered with a two piece slipcover complete with pillows.  Whew, a tall order with the baby shower was only weeks away!  
I quickly found the fabric to recover the actual chaise but what to use for the slipcover to match the nursery...I couldn't find anything that I had dreamed of...Until, when hanging out at Target, I found exactly what I wanted...Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic pink quilted bedspread and matching pillows!

The soft pink hue with the look of hand sewn stitches...what more could you ask for?
Thank you, Rachel...

The fluffy quilt with loose shabby ruffles would be
the sweet softness used to envelop and cradle my Lovies.

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