Thursday, October 2, 2014

Parisian Patisserie~

Sweet scents of fresh French food welcomes you
 to a little French Pastry and Bakery, Les Petits Pleasures...

We found this Frenchman owned Parisian Patisserie in heart of the very romantic St. Augustine, Florida.  Hubby had to pinch me; I really thought for a minute that I was in Paris!

Les Petits Pleasures welcomes you with such charm and beauty.

 The owner met with us and chatted for a bit as we enjoyed our
coffee and amazing french baked apple strudel.

Each table was set with a vintage looking handwritten card, so adorable!

The patisserie display case was loaded with delicate pastries and bread couldn't have been more appetizing...Can't you just taste the French bread?

Tantalizing rows of mini tarts, eclairs, and a rainbow variety of macarons was simply stunning...

Even my visit to the powder room left me in a swoon...

Leave it to the French!

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