Friday, January 30, 2015

Dee-Dee and Doe-Doe

My maternal Grandma's name was Zela.

 My paternal Grandmother's name was Zoe.
 If that isn't strange enough, as young children my mom called her mother, Dee-Dee, and my dad called his mother, Doe-Doe...probably because they couldn't pronounce the "Z" correctly.

As a new Grandmother, holding and playing with my granddaughter,
My Granddaughter, 6 months old
I sometimes feel reminiscent of days I shared with my Grandma Zela and Grandmother Zoe.  
Their lifestyles were indeed so very different
 but both lives were filled with amazing feminine beauty and charm.

Grandma Zela spent her life raising a large family with all the daily business that surely entailed, while my Grandmother Zoe only had one child and for the most part she enjoyed
a pampered and posh lifestyle.
Zela took me to church, cooked many homemade meals and shared activities with me like collecting blackberries and Polk salad out in the woods.
 While Zoe showered me with fun gifts like my cute white Go-Go boots and a diamond ring when I was only eight and purposefully encouraged my creative side...

Both of their lives greatly enriched my childhood and ultimately, my womanhood.
Leaving me with many treasured memories and a heritage I am proud of.  
I have many precious tangible keepsakes from Zela and Zoe, such as beautiful pictures and jewelry as well as unforgettable intangible ones. 
 Ones that I keep proudly displayed on the shelves within my heart.
I am especially grateful for one keepsake,
Zela's handwritten prayer journal.
 While looking over her journal entries one afternoon, I noticed that she nearly always mentioned..."Your great big hand holding mine"  in her prayers.

My Grandma Zela's Prayer Journal

 This, by far, is one of the most priceless things she left me.