Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dried Rosebud Wreath

Do It Yourself Dried Rosebud Wreath  

 Supplies Needed:  22 Gauge Black Wire, Fresh or Dried Rosebuds, Wire Cutters                                          

Valentines Day gives me a wonderful excuse to add romantic
 French Country cottage style to my home.
 I wanted to try my hand at creating a simple, yet romantic wired heart wreath.

Since I am totally smitten with the look of tiny rose buds, a wired rosebud wreath it would be. Rosebuds are small, delicate and just begging to be put on show.

Each little bud is unique and loaded with character.
To make the wreath, simply shape wire in a heart shape. Then push the buds onto the wire at the base of the bud. Then use a smaller wire to wrap closed, leaving a wire loop for hanging.

A sweet little wreath was just what my French hutch needed!  As the wreath hangs there, the rose buds are drying right on the wire.  So simple, so sweet...My rosebud heart wreath.

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