Monday, June 1, 2015

How I Salvaged an Old French Sofa

How I Salvaged an Old French Sofa

When I first saw this sofa it stopped me in my tracks.
The poor thing needed a fresh look.  She was wearing dirty, worn-out, faded gold velour.
 When I sat on her, I literally sank down because of the wonky springs in her loins.  I was so smitten, that I just couldn't leave her there.  I knew she would be mine.  Even though I was short on cash, they allowed me to put her aside on lay-a-way.
After a couple of payments, she was in the trailer headed for Robin's Upholstery Shop.  This was going to be my second project to learn more upholstery techniques.
  I decided to use drop cloth for this project so that the sofa would match my newly redone French country chair, Priscilla.
When I told Priscilla (please read post titled "Priscilla") that she was going to be a big sister, I think I heard her squeal with delight!  ;)

Right after tearing the old fabric off, I started painting...
I loved painting the dark wood trim on this old sofa, it was as if the details came alive right before my eyes.  I chose, Old White Chalk Paint, by Annie Sloan, one of my favorite colors in the whole world!
Next, I sanded lightly, for a time worn look.

One of my decorating goals was to own French country furniture with down-filled cushions, so, here was another chance to make this dream come true.
To make it affordable, I came up with the idea of wrapping the cushion with a down-filled duvet that I had stored in the attic!  
It was pre-quilted and Oh-So-Fluffy...

Now, came time for the sofa upholstery itself.  I had seen a sofa, somewhere in a magazine article, that had loose folds on the back.  So here we were, trying to place elegant loose folds on this sofa using stiff drop cloth.  After, a few many adjustments, we had it. Whew! 
 But, I think it was worth the pain.

When we had finished, I knew that I had truly found a diamond in the rough. 

Now that Sophia is home with us, all tucked in her new surroundings,
 I can't even remember what it was ever like without her.

Welcome home, Sophia!

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