Friday, February 6, 2015

Le Cafe au Lait

Detailed advice for perfecting a caretaker's pudding appeared in
 an 1939 issue of magazine, Marie-Claire.
The French writer, Colette ~ "Before breaking into your bread raft, sprinkle it with salt.  The salt gives the sugar bite; slightly salted sugar is yet another important principle neglected in many Parisian puddings and pastries, which become bland and tasteless."

Although, usually, we wouldn't consider the modern version of 
Cafe au Lait listed as a pudding...

The recipe here is very much a breakfast pudding delight.
 It is really quite simple and yet elegant.

This recipe may have been perfected out of "make-do" ingredients by a simple caretaker of a French Country Estate; However, the taste and textures in this cup-of-joe makes me think it was originally prepared for a spoiled French King.  I can just see him, stamping his feet, whining for
 his morning Le Cafe au Lait...

Le Cafe au Lait
An old French Countryside Version

Prepare a sweetened
cafe au lait
(I use: 1 part espresso to 1 part half and half)

Pour into small oven safe
(amount of cafe au lait needed
 will depend on the size of your bowl)

Cut a slice of French bread to fit your bowl.
(Don't forget to butter your bread!)

Place the bread onto the surface of the coffee mixture.

Bake in hot oven (400 degrees Fahrenheit)

When it looks a little browned and crunchy,
remove from oven...

Now there's a simple dish fit for a king!

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