Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Time for "Rose Tea"

A dear friend is coming for a visit.  Because I haven't seen her for a while, 
 I want her to feel welcomed and loved. 

 So, when readying the rooms, I uncovered two dainty tea cups with their saucers...

One thought lead to another...until I found myself setting the table for tea, 
and not just any old tea, but 
"Rose" tea!

Rose tea ~ A tea made of tiny organically grown rose petals and buds...
Potpourri meant, for nothing less, than tasting and sipping with a dear sweet friend.

And, then I remembered, I had, stored away...
an (unopened) vintage box of paper napkins and coasters 
for an special occasion, such as this.

I can't wait to offer her "Rose Tea"...

Recipe for "Rose Tea"

Tea Tip ~ Use only organically grown rose petals or product labeled "Rose Tea".

Ratio: 1 cup water, spring or filtered water is best
1/2 cup rose petal tea

Heat water, do not boil, remove from heat.
Add rose tea.
Steep tea for 5 minutes.
Add honey or other sweetener.

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