Monday, July 25, 2016

French Country Croissants

 Breakfast MenuFrench Country Croissants
Sourdough Croissants ~ Tradition with a Healthy Twist

It's no secret that the croissant is an age-old staple in French bakeries and patisseries.

 For Paris, this crescent shaped puffed pastry made it's Parisienne debut at the
"Boulangerie Viennoise" ~ 92, rue de Richelieu.
 Founded in 1838, by an Austrian officer, August Zang.

Boulangerie Viennoise in 1909 (when it was owned by Philibert Jacquet). 

Needless to say, it didn't take long for his Vienna-styled pastries and especially,
his crescent shaped delicacy, to catch on;
This now infamous crescent shaped pastry became known,
in Paris, as the "Croissant".

However buttery, flaky and puffy the dough, texture isn't all they have to offer...
Sourdough croissants have a taste that is over the top!

Not far from my home is a wonderful bakery where they serve these amazing sourdough croissants, along with many other handmade sourdough french breads and pastries.

Quick Note ~ High quality bakery products stay fresh a few days longer than their counterparts...

Sourdough delicacies offer a healthy note to my morning, as they have probiotic benefits along with being a tantalizing treat to start the day.  
More often than not, I spread on a little butter and strawberry preserves,
 making it just about past-perfect for my morning breakfast!

Try sourdough croissants dunked in an un cafĂ© au lait - espresso with hot milk (large cup) 
for a traditional
"French Country Charm" breakfast!  ;)

I will be keeping Paris in my thoughts and prayers today.

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