Friday, September 16, 2016

Pine Cabinet adds French Country Charm

I have always loved using a bit of my "Me Time" to sit down with some of my favorite magazines (and maybe some yummy cookies) to daydream about the things I wanted to find for my home; furniture pieces full of timeworn character that would add that warm
 French Country charm, that I so longed for.

Cookies, Anyone?
Old pine cabinets seemed to be one of those
reoccurring fixtures
found within the pages that most inspired me...
 However, every time I would find one of these beauties at an antique mall,
it was either already spoken for,
or would be too outrageously priced.

So, after forever, I found my dream pine cabinet.  Not only did it's charm stop me in my shopping tracks, but the price tag made me smile.  I knew immediately that this pretty pine cabinet was going home with me!

Once home, this light colored pine cabinet found a spot to live in the sitting area of our kitchen.  It has just the right rustic ambiance I was looking for to display some of my blue and whites, like few of my "British Castles" ...

I would have to say the French Country Charm found in my home has to give a nod to the English Country style.  For me, the two looks are interwoven and at times, indistinguishable, always playing well off of each other.

As I'm sure you will agree, it's always a joy to bring home a new cottage piece that adds that certain French Country feel...bringing a satisfied smile to my face for a very long time to come.


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