Friday, January 6, 2017

Thoughts of Home

Settling into our new farm home has certainly been an adventure! 
It's not everyday that you move into and on top of, your place of business.
But right now, that's our story.  

 We snagged this farmhouse a few years back to house our radio stations' studio. We chose this property, not only because we fell in love it's setting and
countryside views, but because it is the highest point in our county with a direct line of sight to our main radio tower, which is located a few miles away.

Together, my husband and I have been working on design plans for an addition to this farmhouse.
The plan is to transform this place into our French Country Farm...

Thoughts of Home ~

While those plans have been brewing, I've been nesting away!

Having lived in our previous home for about 16 years, some things had grown a little stagnant.
 One of those areas being my linen closet.

 So, I vowed to thin things out and replace anything that I was stale or forlorn.
Ensuring a fresh start to our new home adventure, I only kept two sets of sheets for our bed...

Yawning and stretching my way down the stairs to go find my hubby for our morning kiss, I found him at his computer looking at sheets.  So, I joined him in his pursuit...Whispering a little romantic idea about how wonderful it would be to invest in linens sheets;  ~He ran with it.  

Watching my romantic husband order those Belgium Linen Sheets...Oooh La La!  

I thinks he's a keeper & I am totally smitten with him and my new farmhouse nest.


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