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French Country Charm is more than a look, it's an atmosphere. . .

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Welcome to

French Country Charm

I'm so glad you're here, because now is the perfect time to add some

bespoke elements of charm to your home!

Creating a cottage home filled with French country charm

requires going beyond all the lovely decorations to the very heart of the home. It requires a certain amount of love and care to develop an atmosphere of nourishment for the soul. So, not only are our homes meant to shelter us physically, I believe they should also function as a type of greenhouse for our emotional well-being.

Because our surroundings have such a profound effect on our emotional health and wellness, our decorating and homemaking endeavors become much more than mere aesthetic attempts or menial chores, but it is more akin to the

weaving of rooms together with love.

So, whether I'm crafting a bespoke wreath for our front door or smiling to myself after rediscovering an old family recipe to be baked in the oven, these activities are truly acts of love, all needed, to create charm in a well loved cottage home.

From the beginning, I wanted a signature look for my home that reflected my romantic casual style, after spending some time searching around the decorating world, I was smitten

the rustic elegance of French country style.  The timeless rustic charm found in the French countryside checked all the boxes on my list for crafting a well loved

French-infused cottage home.

So it is, within a home carefully crafted with a French inspired atmosphere, that I am most at home with, finding it completely nourishing in both style and functionality.

French Country Charm is more than a look, it's an atmosphere. . .


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