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A Broken Wing

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

This Christmas, I chose "Angels All Around" for my decorating theme. Although I had a few in my stash, I needed more. . . So, as I strolled through vintage malls searching them out, I found many little beauties. I fell in love with one pair baring trumpets, and another pair holding dainty flower vases. So charming! There were definitely many keepers. . .

But, did you know, my favorite one of all was a sweet little golden ornament. I had almost made the mistake of passing her up, for she was burdened with a broken wing. However, as I gave her a second look, she seemed to be undaunted by her troubles. For she was busy at her work of proudly and dutifully displaying a very lovely rose swag!

I was moved by her

~Courage. ~Strength. ~Hope.

May you all be of good courage and filled with strength and hope for the future.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


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